What is T-Hive?

We went full-on MacGyver and hatched a new approach to
developing apparel graphics. T-hive is a re-think of everything involved
in all aspects of creative development process, enabling much greater levels
of collaboration and even changing the very nature of how art is created.

It gives us the ability to reach out to a creative
community en masse through open call projects; or
in a more selective fashion, pulling together the artistic
equivalent of a Special Ops team for a specific assignment.

T-hive also serves as the communication center for all projects, providing the entire team with real time updates on art development and scheduling. A project can be monitored throughout its entire history, from the initial call for ideas
right up through its preparation for production.

Freelance contributors get on the T-hive train as well with access to a library of relevant project materials and information as well webinars and tutorial videos. All file transfers, including in-progress imagery and master files, are handled through the secured T-hive interface and freelancers can even keep tabs on their project histories, open call submissions or invoices.

Why T-Hive?